Life Inside Guantanamo Bay

Shackled ankles and Harry Potter DVDs.

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Camp VI, one of seven sections within Guantanamo Bay's permanent detainment camp, was modeled on federal high-security prisons.

As of 2010, Camp VI was known for its communal areas with big-screen televisions and cells that allow detainees to wander in and out.

BOB STRONG / Reuters

An unidentified prisoner reads a newspaper in a communal cellblock at Camp VI.

Here's the library at Camp Delta, one of Guantanamo's two camps. (The third, Camp X-Ray, was closed in 2002. The second, Camp Iguana, houses detainees no longer considered "enemy combatants.")

BOB STRONG / Reuters

The detainee library inside Camp Delta offers reading material, movies and video games.

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