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Only 54% Of Americans Are On The Right Side Of The "Gif" Pronunciation War

According to an eBay survey of more than 1,000. Nearly 41% still choose "jif."

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Earlier this week, eBay Deals released results from a survey of more than 1,000 American adults on pronunciations of common internet terms and tech devices.

The survey covers 44 terms, from the fairly straightforward "laptop" to the hotly contested "gif." On the Hard G side: The White House. On team #peanutbutter: The inventor of Graphics Interchange Format. A majority of eBay's respondents sided with President Obama.

The Atlantic reports that eBay's method involved sending around a list of slang and gadget terms to 200 people, narrowing down their most common pronunciations, and using those results to poll the full 1,100 participants.

The full slideshow of results is here. Among the more interesting findings:


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