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Hillary Clinton Discharged From Hospital

CNN captures the Secretary of State departing the hospital where she was treated for a blood clot lodged between her skull and brain. A source tells BuzzFeed she received a second MRI.

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Hillary Clinton left New York Presbyterian Hospital's Milstein building Wednesday afternoon for another MRI after receiving treatment — likely in another wing of the hospital — for the blood clot lodged between her brain and skull, a source told BuzzFeed.

The Associated Press reported about two hours later that Clinton has been discharged entirely from the hospital's care.

Clinton's staff had initially said they expected her to spend 48 hours being monitored, but the Secretary of State, 65, remained under care until Wednesday evening, after a fall and concussion led to the discovery of the blood clot in an earlier examination.

Doctors have said they expect Clinton to make a full recovery.

A hospital source told BuzzFeed Monday morning that Clinton was receiving treatment in a VIP wing of the hospital's 9th floor. Her hospitalization initially provoked a wave of conservative conspiracy theories, and is now being watched with wide sympathy.

Clinton's spokesman, Philippe Reines, did not respond to a series of inquiries about her health. The hospital has referred inquiries to the State Department.

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