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"Cannibal Cop's" Wife Speaks Out

On the first day of Gilberto Valle's trial, the wife of "Cannibal Cop" explains how she discovered his fetish. “I know S&M is popular with ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ but this seemed different."

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Kathleen Mangan-Valle took the stand Monday to tell jurors how she discovered her husband's fetish — by installing Spyware and reading through his chat history, where she saw his gruesome plans for her.

She saw him plan to rape and cook other women, too. She saw him look at photos of dead women online. “I know S&M is popular with ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ but this seemed different ... The girl on the front page was dead.”


Valle's defense argued that while the NYPD officer had these fantasies, he never acted them out. “It’s pure fiction. It’s pretend. It’s scary make-believe," the defense lawyer said.

Mangan-Valle met her husband through OKCupid in 2009. She got pregnant in 2010, and she sensed Valle becoming distant. When she went into labor, he made her wait for him to take a shower before driving her to the hospital.

At one point, Valle's lawyer asked Mangan-Valle why she wasn't willing to speak with the defense before the trial. “You represent the man who wants to kill me,” she said, before bursting into tears.

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