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Senator Coburn: "It's Just A Good Thing I Can't Pack A Gun On The Senate Floor."

Senator Coburn is unhappy with the debt ceiling plan, and has gone off the reservation a bit. What controversial things has a distinguished Republican lawmaker said this time?

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Senator Tom Coburn, Republican from Oklahoma, is a little frustrated with how the debt ceiling deal went. Was his response to put together a well-written, impassioned speech about the perils of increasing our debt and the necessity for a government that doesn't spend as much as ours does? Of course it wasn't. His response was as follows.



He described his colleagues as "a class of career elitists" and "cowards," and at one point, talking about his frustrations, said, "It's just a good thing I can't pack a gun on the Senate floor."


Responding to a man in Langley who asked if Obama "wants to destroy America," Coburn said the president is "very bright" and loves his country but has a political philosophy that is "goofy and wrong." Obama's "intent is not to destroy, his intent is to create dependency because it worked so well for him," he said. "As an African-American male," Coburn said, Obama received "tremendous advantage from a lot of these programs."

And let's all remember that Senator Coburn is the saner of our two Senators from Oklahoma. Isn't that a happy thought?

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