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Amazon Introduces The New Kindles

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has introduced the newest Kindles and their prices. iPad watch out, these are all kinds of awesome.

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Kindle Fire / Via http://Reuters%20Pictures

• 7 Inches, 14.6 oz

• Android-based

• Dual-Core CPU

• Wi-Fi Only

• 8 GB

• No Set-up Required (Ready To Use Out Of The Box)

• $199

• Mostly Cloud Based

-You probably know what that means, but if not... Your content will mostly live on the web rather than on the device.

Kindle Touch / Via http://Reuters%20Pictures

• E-Ink Touchscreen (IR Touch Display)

• Wi-Fi or 3G (Unlimited 3G wireless)

• $99 (Wi-Fi) $149 (3G)

• Wi-Fi Only model has ads on "off" screen to offset cost.

• Smaller and lighter than current gen Kindle.

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