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The Greatest Sale In Videogames Is Here


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The next eleven days mark the greatest deal in gaming, the Steam Summer Sale. So profound is the value in this annual orgy of savings that it has spawned its own first-world problem: gamers complaining that they are paralyzed by choice because they have too many games to play.

The year's sale starts with some primo buys, including Far Cry 3 for seven bucks (normally thirty), XCom: Enemy Unknown for 9 bucks (normally fifty), Mirror's Edge for five (normally twenty) and my game of the year to date, Dark Souls 2, for $33.99 (normally fifty). You can also vote on which tranche of games will go on sale next. New sales pop up every day, so stay tuned to add to the stash of games that you feel vaguely anxious about never playing.

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