The Greatest Graphics In History Are A Bald Man Named Ira

And now you must play with him in the woods.

1. Meet Ira.

2. Ira is a nice floating head that lives in the woods and also a garage.

Everyone’s gotta live somewhere, right?

3. Ira was made by the graphics geniuses over at Nvidia to demonstrate the very latest and best in computer game graphics.

Here’s Ira hanging out by himself downtown by some neon signs. Don’t be afraid. Ira comes from a good family, I swear.

4. Before Ira, there was Human Head.

He didn’t have eyes, but no one’s perfect.

5. Before Human Head, there was Dawn.

Dawn lured a lot of men into the woods, but c’mon! The woods are fun!

6. Before Dawn, there was Zoltar the Magnificent.

Just look at that trustworthy face and goatee.

7. So you see, Ira comes from a long and trustworthy line of graphics demonstrations.

That like to play in the woods.

9. And great news! Nvidia just released Ira into wild. That means that anyone can download him and play around with his face.

In the woods.

10. You can open his mouth really wide in the woods.

Don’t you want to open Ira’s mouth really wide in the woods?

11. And you can make him make funny faces downtown?

Don’t you want to goof off with Ira downtown? Ira wants you to want to watch him goof off downtown.

12. And you can Photoshop cool shades onto Ira so no one can see his eyes.

One must never look directly into Ira’s eyes in the woods.

13. Pretty cool, right?

Walk away slowly and keep your eyes on the ground.

14. You can even make him smile!

If he starts to smile, it’s too late. Scream to warn others to stay out of the woods.

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