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Play This Game, Get A MoMA Exhibition*

*Sort of.

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The video game maker and academic Pippin Barr is best known to the wider world as the creator of The Artist is Present, a digital recreation of the performance artist Marina Ambramovic's 2010 MoMA exhibition of the same name, in which she sat silent and motionless across from visitors for 736 hours.

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Yesterday, Barr released his second game to take place within the walls of the icon on 53rd Street. Titled simply Art Game, Barr's work is free to play in your browser, and it puts you in the role of an artist preparing for an upcoming exhibition at MoMA. I don't want to ruin the surprise of the "medium" in which you work, but it is safe to say that your show requires some installation. If all goes well in the gallery, you end up on the cover of Artforum. The audience received my "Piece duh Resistance" as groundbreaking. Let's see what they say about yours!

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