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If Daft Punk Remixed "Flappy Bird," You Would Get This Amazing Game

Meet Wave Wave, the neon-techno nightmare that will take over your life.

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In Wave Wave, the new mobile game from the Aussie indie developer Thomas Janson, you play as a zig-zagging line. That's right, a line, like an electroencephalograph or a heart rate graph or a line graph of the stock market. Your only goal is to prevent the zigs from zagging into the black stalac- and stalagmites jutting into your path. Oh, and the screen is rotating and warping. Oh, and your timing has to be better than perfect. Oh, and you're already on edge because the music is pounding.

It looks like this:


Butt-clenchingly difficult, Wave Wave will remind veteran indie gamers of the terrific Super Hexagon, and it makes a terrific mobile companion piece to the nigh-impossible Dark Souls 2. It only costs three bucks to put you on the edge of the danciest panic attack you'll ever have. Beats speed.

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