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Bro, How Awesome Was "Turtles In Time"?

Dude, it was...awesome.

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Oh, yeah, I sort of remember that one. Why was it so awesome though?

***Sucks powerfully on a giant spliff***


Well first of all Bro, it jumps off in the most epic way possible. Like, *Encylopedia Voice*:

"It begins with the Turtles watching a TV newscast on a Sunday evening, with April O'Neil reporting from Liberty Island. Suddenly, Krang flies in using a giant exosuit (seen occasionally in the animated series[8][9][10]) and steals the Statue of Liberty, moments before Shredder hijacks the airwaves to laugh at the Turtles."


DUDE Shredder is so un-chill! Raphael has the sickest attitude of all the Turtles. Also where's the pizza—


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