13 Ways For Gamers To Enjoy The Summer

Who says gamers don’t like playing outside?


Proper sun safety is important: sunglasses or, barring those, a riot helmet.


This isn’t gaming inside: You don’t need to wear a suit and tie. Just a T-shirt and shorts are fine.


It’s also a chance to break out your finest portable furniture.


As in most areas of American life, it helps to have indulgent parents.


As in most areas of American life, it helps to have wacky drunk friends.


Even if you lack the technical wherewithal to get the TV outside, that shouldn’t stop you.


Even if you live in the paler reaches of the planet, you can still have a good gaming summer.


Make sure to check for ticks once you come indoors.


Little known summer rule: No one with a house can refuse you projecting a giant game of Mario Kart onto it. They may be the 1% but they still have to grin and bear it.


So get out there and enjoy summer!

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