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Claire McCaskill Highlights Fight With NRA In New Fundraising Pitch

Once a third-rail issue for moderate Democrats, opposition to the NRA is suddenly en vogue.

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WASHINGTON — Sen. Claire McCaskill sent out a fundraising pitch to Democratic supporters Saturday, touting her fight with the NRA over gun violence and asking for donations to help pay down her campaign’s debt.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings earlier this month, McCaskill hammered the NRA, demanding the organization ”come out of hiding” and engage in the debate over gun violence.

In her Saturday pitch to her email list, McCaskill argues that “I've always been willing to take on the big guys when it's the right thing to do -- like my recent call on the NRA to come to the table to help prevent further gun violence or my fight to end taxpayer-funded subsidies for Big Oil.”

McCaskill’s willingness to aggressively attack the NRA is particularly noteworthy given the fact that Democrats from the South and Midwest have long been loathe to cross swords with the powerful gun lobby.

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