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House Ways And Means Google Results Hacked

"Collection of documents blaming the U.S. Senate and the Democrats for all problems," is probably not the description the Republican leadership of the committee had in mind.

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Someone is gaming Google's search results for the House Ways and Means Committee, the powerful tax writing panel that is controlled by Republican Chairman David Camp.

As first pointed out by Roll Call’s Heard of the Hill, if you search Google "House Ways and Means Committee health," the first link that pops up is for the committee's Health subcommittee. As it should be. But underneath the link comes this description: "Collection of documents blaming the U.S. Senate and the Democrats for all problems."

Unlike the infamous "Santorum" Google bomb orchestrated by columnist Dan Savage which pushed his obscene definition of former Sen. Rick Santorum's name to the top of the Google results, this appears to be some sort of hack.

It is unclear who perpetrated the prank on the committee, and by late in the afternoon Wednesday, it appeared the hack had yet to be fixed.

John Stanton is a senior national correspondent for BuzzFeed News. In 2014, Stanton was a recipient of the National Press Foundation’s 2014 Dirksen Award for distinguished reporting of Congress.

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