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Congresswoman Advertises Success In Renaming Post Office

Rep. Bono Mack's ad is called "Effective."

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rep. Mary Bono Mack may have hoped her new campaign ad, titled “effective,” would highlight her legislative prowess in delivering policy legislation for her constituents back home.

But in an effort to give the impression of a long string of accomplishments, the ad highlights — among others — her successful push to rename a post office in her district. That's the sort of “accomplishment” that has become synonymous with Congress’ dysfunction in the mind of voters.

The 30 second ad kicks off with images of Bono Mack as a voice over intones that “Mary Bono Mack has a unique record of effective, principled leadership. She gets things done.”

The ad then cuts to a scroll of legislation she has sponsored. But as the voice over resumes – saying “Mary wrote …” at the 00:08 mark, the first bill that pops up in the bar highlighting her legislation is the Roy Wilson Post Office Designation Act.

The ad does not mention that bill, instead touting her work on jobs legislation and her opposition to internet regulation, among other items.

A campaign spokesperson did not immediately return a request for comment.

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