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Brent Bozell Levels Broadside Against Entire Republican Establishment

From Boehner and Cantor to Rove and Ryan, conservative firebrand has nothing nice to say.

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NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — For America Executive Director Brent Bozell lashed out at Republican leaders Saturday, accusing Speaker John Boehner and his leadership team of failing to push a conservative agenda.

"John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and Kevin McCarthy, you said all the right things to conservatives to propel the GOP back to the majority and you to the top three leadership positions in the House. You, like virtually every single other Republican elected to Congress solemnly vowed to rid us of Obamacare, which you can do simply by refusing to fund it. Why haven't you done so?" Bozell asked, charging that the House GOP leadership has "done nothing for over two years but give us excuses and more commitments that tomorrow, yes tomorrow, you'll honor your promises."

"Gentlemen, where promises are concerned, you are not what you promised to be," he added.

Indeed, virtually every major Republican on the national stage came under attack by Bozell, who is a favorite of conservative activists.

On Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, Bozell said, "You ran, and won as a fiscal conservative. You leave punishing Virginia with the largest tax increase in history. I wish we'd never elected you. Do you have national aspirations? Sorry my friend, forget them."

On Karl Rove's efforts to begin working to recruit primary candidates, Bozell warned "the last thing the GOP needs is for the anti-conservative professional political consultant class infecting its ranks. And the last thing we conservatives want is them infiltrating ours.

Bozell also attacked Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, dismissing his new budget as "not conservatism. It is, literally, Democrat Lite. Do you have national aspirations? Do yourself and your country a favor. Rip that budget up."

Bozell, like most of the conservative activists speaking at the annual CPAC conference of conservatives here, also rejected the notion Republicans needs to go through some soul searching and reform.

"No we don't. Stop listening to the professional politicians and consultants most responsible for those political train wrecks. If you need someone to pilot your ship, you don't hire the captain of the Titanic," Bozell said.

John Stanton is a national reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in New Orleans. In 2014, Stanton was a recipient of the National Press Foundation’s 2014 Dirksen Award for distinguished reporting of Congress.

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