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Cliven Bundy's Highly Inaccurate Guide To U.S. History

The Nevada rancher with a penchant for racist comments who was in a crusade against the government now fancies himself a history professor.

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Cliven Bundy has released a series of civic-minded videos that explain the origins of the U.S., the constitution and other history favorites. The videos are all pretty much the same: Bundy sitting in a chair and providing a garbled version of the stories you learned in elementary school.

Here are some of the highlights:

1. The Pilgrims thought the world was flat and feared falling off the edge of the ocean.

"Back then transportation was in a sail boat that they figured wasn’t very far out there. The ocean was flat and would fall off from it. That was how much education, how much we knew about the ocean." — From Describe the Proper Form of Government —Part 1.


2. 200 years ago, Europe was ruled by a central government, which lorded over America with its army and unlimited power.

"They [the Pilgrims] had a central government, which was Europe. Was the strongest army in the world. And they ruled with unlimited power. And there was a point that they decided they wasn't going to live that way any more. And so they had a revolution." — From Describe the Proper Form of Government — Part 1.

3. The American Revolution led to an idyllic anarchist state in which there was basically no government whatsoever.

"We didn't have a state government, we didn't have a national government. Those things didn't exist. They had the 13 colonies. But we the people formed the constitution. One thing we didn't want was a central government. We didn't want a big central government. We didn't want a big state government. We was even weary about having a local government. So one thing we didn't create is a big central government." From Describe the Proper Form of Government — Part 1.

4. Puerto Rico is screwed because there is literally nothing to keep the government in check there.

"Congress had unlimited power over those people [in U.S. territories] and they still do have that same power over Puerto Rico and a few of these territories. So congress has unlimited power but over territories." — FromDescribe the Proper Form of Government — Part 2.

5. Cliven Bundy is not no prophet.

"I'm not no prophet. I'm just a rancher-farmer and I have no authority to say anything or do anything except what my conscious, what I feel like in my conscious." — From Why is the Constitution an 'Inspired' Document?

The videos were all posted recently to Bundy's blog, access to which is available by signing up for his email list. Or you can just watch them below:


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