What Happens When Women Get Mad At Computers

Apparently. Thanks, stock photos.

1. “He said WHAT???”


2. “Reply all to THIS, motherfucker.”


3. “I am so mad I could GNAW something.”


4. “Like, just really CHEW on something.”

5. “Katie Roiphe AGAIN???”

6. “Honey, computers confuse me. Can you please fix this???

7. “Well, fine, I won’t Gchat you either.”

auremar / Via


Syda Productions / Via

9. “Sometimes I bring my laptop to Target and work on spreadsheets from the bed section while wearing this.”

Milkovasa / Via

10. “‘Forgot your password?!’ I DON’T NEED A PASSWORD!”

Mark Hayes / Via

11. “This desk is just TOO clean.”

Dan Kosmayer / Via

12. [Any day on Twitter]

PHOTO 999 / Via

13. “Why can’t I just close my head in here.”

Catalin Petolea / Via

14. “I will Office Space this shit so hard right now.”

Lighthunter / Via

15. “What do all these do, lol”

Piotr Marcinski / Via

16. “Oh, they’re accessories”

ostill / Via

17. “Thanks, computer.”

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