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People In Crimea Are Taking Pictures And Selfies With Soldiers

The way we occupy now.

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Armed and masked Russian soldiers are currently stationed all over Crimea, Ukraine, casting a severely imposing presence. That hasn't stopped people from taking photos with them, though.

With the caption: "I'm not shy."

With the hashtags, "#Crimea #war #Ukraine #troops #world."

With the caption: "Here they come."

With the caption: "My bodyguard!"

With the caption: "Sweetest guys."

With the caption: "Horrors of occupation in the Crimea!"

With the caption: "We are doing well :)"

With the (facetious) caption: "SOS!!! HELP!!!!"

And some are capturing scenes of soldiers that are just surreal:

With the caption: "Soldiers near the building of the Council of Ministers."

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