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A Wild Elephant Wandered Into A Small Town And Went On A Rampage

She was hungry?

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A lost elephant caused a shit storm in a small town in India on Wednesday.

The wild elephant, initially described as a female, wandered into the town of Siliguri from the Baikunthapur forest, apparently in search of food. Instead, she set off mass hysteria, bulldozed crowds of onlookers, and trampled vehicles.


Motorcycles were lost.

The panicked elephant was on the loose for several hours before it became clear she could not find her way back to the forest, the Associated Press reported.

Despite its imposing figure, the elephant appeared to be afraid of people and did not attack anyone.

Just to get into the town the elephant had to cross several roads and a small river, the AP reported.

Eventually, the elephant was shot three times with a tranquilizer gun to calm her rage.

The elephant was then moved onto a truck via a crane and to a park for domesticated pachyderms. Once it sleeps off its tranq bender, it will be safely returned to the wild.

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