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Twitter Is Here For The Melania Body Double Conspiracy Theory

We've already been through this with Hillary Clinton.

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The theory is built on two false claims. The first is that it was somehow strange for President Trump to say that Melania Trump is his wife and that she is "standing right here."

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But, mostly, Twitter just took the opportunity to make some A+ jokes.

Fake Melania Trump leaving the press conference after securing the bag

Me: conspiracy theories are stupid Twitter: Donald Trump is going around with a fake Melania stunt double Me:

You guys this time I think the conspiracy nuts are on to something here


Someone even made a Fake Melania account.

Looks like you all figured me out. #fakemelania

At least this time around the body double question seems to be much more lighthearted — but still totally false!

I don't even care if it's nonsense, the stunt double fake Melania replicant thing is my favourite news story of 2017

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