It’ll Only Cost $2,500 To Make A Play About Anthony Weiner

And it will be called The Weiner Monologues. A devised Greek tragedy.

1. According to its Indiegogo page, The Weiner Monologues will let audiences relive the ups and downs of Anthony Weiner’s mayoral campaign. But it also says it’s a conversation about the “personal and the communal in the age of the internet.”

2. The campaign already has raised $590, but its page says it will take $2,500 to make the play a reality. The money would go toward renting out a space, purchasing costumes, and creating the set.

3. This won’t be the first time this troupe of mostly Hunter College students and alumni made a Weiner-based play. In 2012 they put on a show based around his resignation and all that lead up to it.

A scene from the 2011 play.

4. Check out the promo video:

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/74593008.

5. There’s only one comment on the Indiegogo page so far, and it’s pretty perfect.

6. If all goes according to plan, the play is slated run from Nov. 8–12 at the Access Theater in New York City. Election Day is Nov. 5.

Via theweinermonologues.com

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