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Glenn Beck And The Tea Party Clean Up Washington

Literally. With, like, rakes and garbage bags.

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And Glenn Beck did a questionable German accent.

This man blames Obama for closing down the memorials but all of Congress for the shutdown. He said he is too small to fight on his own, so he drove down from Ohio to join the rally.

"Look at all the bureaucrat dicks and dickettes," he said. "I'm just thoroughly disgusted."


He said he plans on staying in DC to help maintain the grounds until the shutdown ends. "We don't have any political affiliations here," he said. "We're not fans of the administration, we're not fans of Congress. We're just here to fortify this area for these veterans."


This dog was just happy to be outside. So was his owner, though he was less happy with the government.

"There's a complete change in the entire fabric of America," he said. "What's happening specifically, right now, is that our vets have been highly dishonored -- they've been disgraced."

Jacob Fischler is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Washington, D.C.

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