Conservatives On Twitter Celebrate The Death Of “Amnesty”

Dead, dead, dead.

1. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost in a massive upset to primary challenger David Brat.

Brat accused Eric Cantor — who hinted that he might support a compromise that would allow undocumented immigrants to stay in America — of being soft on immigration. He even dubbed Cantor “the number one Republican supporter of amnesty.”

On hearing about Cantor’s loss, anti-immigration conservatives took to Twitter to celebrate.

2. They declared “amnesty” very, very dead:

4. They warned other Republicans to change their ways:

Hmmm. Maybe the voters aren't clarmoring for amnesty ...

— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter)

Let's see how hot Rubio will be for amnesty now....

— Last Old Cowpoke (@GlenEnloe)

Losers; Cantor GOP Establishment Amnesty Christie/Bush/Ryan/Rubio Media

— M.Joseph Sheppard (@MJosephSheppard)

Wait wasn't Eric cantor pushing for amnesty?? I totes thought that was a winning issue...

— MR. Marty (@gigg423)

If you think supporting amnesty is politically expedient just ask Eric Canter....The Tea Party Lives!!!!

— Frostviper (@Frostviper)

@Bobacheck Exaclty! I'll tell you one thing, I think that amnesty crap is now dead. Those GOP leaders better get the message!

— Eric Gurr (@gurrforcongress)

#TeaParty 's purging the #GOP of estblishment losers has just begun.Cantor is out. #GOP estab AMNESTY is now dead all & its proponents #tcot

— Vinny (@vetnoceanside)

You push amnesty , you go down like Eric Cantor . You hear us , GOP establishment ? Damn right you do. #noamnesty

— Michael (@CoolChange80)

Amnesty is DOA- Dead on Arrival. GOP can no longer sell out its own voters & donors. Immigration was THE issue. Sellouts will learn a lesson

— Wayne Allyn Root (@WayneRoot)

15. RINOs in particular:

#RINOs running scared...a stampede as they run from #amnesty

— lisakauai (@lisakauai)

Rinos shut the hell up. The people have spoken we do not want amnesty.

— Stacey (@lasthope2014)

Why won't the #RINOs listen we r fed up. You work for us not #illegalimmigrant's

— Jmat (@MatczakJon)

Run for the border, RINOs.

— toddstarnes (@toddstarnes)

19. And a few took it a bit further:

hey ryan can you figure out yet America wants real conservative leadership not amnesty. now get these cockroaches back across the border

— shadowwarrior (@SHADOWARRIOR75)

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