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16 Things We Learned From Bill Nye The Science Guy's Emails With The White House

BuzzFeed obtained Bill Nye's emails with the White House through a FOIA request. There is a science poem.

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BuzzFeed obtained 122 pages of emails sent chiefly between Bill Nye — "The Science Guy" —, his assistant Christine Sposari, and White House OSTP Advisor Phil Larson through a Freedom of Information Act Request. Here are some of the best snippets.


5. Bill Nye even sent the White House some original science poetry.

For you, a bit of holiday cheer

With but no effect on our atmosphere

For this particular season

A dodecahedron

As the Earth spins us, to a New Year!



But when he submitted his draft, the White House offered some edits, which Bill Nye promptly ignored.


8. After Nye tweeted about signing up for Obamacare, the White House invited him to a party to "thank" him for his outreach. But when he first got the email, Bill Nye appeared confused by what was happening.


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