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Sunnis And Shiites Prayed Together In Baghdad At The Site Of A Deadly ISIS Bombing

"Every time you bomb a place you make us more united."

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ISIS claimed responsibility for Saturday's attack, in which a suicide bomber drove an explosive-laden truck into a building in the busy shopping area of Karrada. The terrorist group said it deliberately targeted Shiite Muslims.

Thaier Al-sudani / Reuters

ISIS, which preaches an extremist version of Sunni Islam, considers Shiites heretics and apostates. The group's English-language publication Daqib devoted most of an issue earlier this year to justifying the murder of Shiites.


In addition to the bombing in Baghdad, there were also deadly attacks in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia.

Thaier Al-sudani / Reuters

Most of the attacks were claimed by or linked to ISIS.

Omar Mateen, the gunman who killed 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, pledged allegiance to the terrorist group before carrying out the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.

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