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What's Up With Ironic Fandoms On The Internet Explorer Podcast

There's a connection between British teens on Twitter going moony over a prime minister candidate and a Facebook fan group for Jason Derulo. The line between ironic appreciation and real life becomes extremely blurred.

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*swivels around in giant leather chair, holding a brandy* Oh, hello, I didn't see you there. This is the newest episode of BuzzFeed's Internet Explorer podcast.

We start with the news. British teens are THIRSTY for Ed Milliband, a candidate for prime minister in the UK.

For some reason, teen girls in the UK have developed a sort of crush on him, creating the #Milifandom

๐Ÿ’œ๐ŸŒผed miliband flower crown edits๐ŸŒผ๐Ÿ’œ

(Unfortunately, he didn't win the election last week).

how do i break it to my mum that im ed miliband af


About a year ago as a joke, Katie created a Facebook fan group dedicated to him. The group started as a joke between BuzzFeed staffers, but soon grew as real fans started joining, as well as real trolls.

The group has become a weird mix of people who think it's a joke, people who don't think it's a joke, and people who realize that there is no joke anymore because we're all posting in a really active huge group about a kind of ~meh~ singer. It's all really confusing.

Shoutout to hero Juan Franco for getting through *all fifty-seven minutes* of Jason Derulo saying his own name.

@iexplorer The excited beginning, annoying middle, near-death experience end.


We challenge any of you to take the 57 Minutes of Jason Derulo Challenge.

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Tweet at us @iexplorer or email us or comment on Facebook and let us know if you made it.

Or if you prefer, here's a new single and video from Tanlines, who do the Internet Explorer podcast theme song:

This week we also spoke to Fiona Longmuir (on the right), who helped organize a protest against a sexist advertising campaign in the London tube.

You're god damn right @Catstello and I are beach body ready. No help needed, we're #alreadyperfect. #bodypositive

People from all over London began sharing photos of the ad.

@cait_gc @AnyBodyOrg @UK_Feminista @SukiKF lolz


It was like a whole thing.

so you know that sexist advert on the tube by @ProteinWorld? This is their *ACTUAL* response to it.

Also thanks to the High and Mighty Brass Band for their magical cover of "Wiggle."

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