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27 Things That Prove The Internet Isn't Awful

Hmmm.... it turns out this internet thing is.... good.. and not... bad....

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1. The Daily Goat Instagram posts cute goat photos along with stuff like this:

2. The TSA's official Instagram posts pics of all the crazy stuff they confiscate, and it's weirdly FASCINATING.

3. Best Porn Title Twitter feed does a mix of their own made-up porn titles and actual real hilarious ones.

4. This mall cop's Instagram is hilarious and sweet.

6. Whenever you're feeling really down, you can always watch the classic fake G.I. Joe PSA overdubs.

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7. Bad Lip Reading on YouTube is still hilarious as ever.

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11. @ProBirdRights is out there on Twitter, fighting the good fight for the bird lobby.

human shouldn't allowed to adopt. they indoctrnat the childrens with homosapien propgenda. i will adopt some childs; teach them the birdway


human shouldn't allowed to adopt. they indoctrnat the childrens with homosapien propgenda. i will adopt some childs; teach them the birdway

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12. You can enjoy the Instagrams of the eccentric lion-owning millionaires of the Persian Gulf, like @kbk5

13. ASCII art and people are still making p0rn with it.








































15. Sad YouTube scours the comments on old songs to find wistful memories.

"i rember back in in the late 80s i was at a festivel in whitter ca and met a girl that grew up with my friends we were dancing to this song in the rain just a light mist it felt good becouse it was hot a girl i went to highschool with was the singer in the band to we went to her house to hang out one thing led to another i remember that whole night like it was yesterday a perfect night you only get a few of those in life only when your young and everything is still in front of you."

- Richard Gallegos, “Dancing in the Moonlight”


22. Marutaro the hedgehog on Vine.

27. Vinepeeker is a site that shows you random new Vines as they are posted, basically like a raw feed. It's hypnotizing and an amazing look into people's lives around the world.

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