Most Californians Would Be Willing To Pay More For Water To Find Drought Solutions

A poll released Tuesday shows how worried Californians have become about the historic drought. The poll of 1,000 likely California voters was conducted by Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates.

1. California is currently in the midst of a drought of historic proportions.

Robert Galbraith / Reuters

A sign at an intersection near Cantua Creek, Calif.

2. Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in January, and has proposed a $687 million aid plan.

Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

Gov. Brown and President Barack Obama touring farms affected by the drought in Los Banos, Calif.

3. A telephone poll conducted for the Natural Resources Defense Council Feb. 1-9 of 1,000 likely California voters is the first taken about the drought and showed people are worried.

Max Whittaker / Reuters

Ranch hand Ricardo Madrigal feeds cattle on the Van Vleck Ranch in Rancho Murieta, Calif., February 12, 2014. California’s ongoing drought has greatly increased feed costs for ranchers, forcing some to sell their cattle. The Van Vleck ranch has been feeding $1,200 worth of hay per day, whereas in a normal year the cows would feed on grass for free.

4. Basically, everyone in California knows there's a drought.

92% of respondents believe California is in the middle of a drought.

5. Most Californians see the drought as the biggest problem facing the state.

80% of respondents said they believe current drought conditions are extremely or very serious.

6. Which is even more than people than those who see the economy or jobs as a serious problem.

Only 71% of respondents said they feel the same way about the economy and jobs.

7. Most people think the best solution is expanding local water supply.

74% of respondents said they’d rather expand local water supply compared with 17% who said they preferred increasing the reliability of water imported from elsewhere.

8. More than three-quarters said they're willing to spend more on their water bill to increase local supply.

77% of respondents said they would pay more on their monthly water bill to expand local supply. Similar percentages also said they would pay more to invest in new technology to more efficiently use water, building local water supply plants, capturing rain water for local use, and cleaning up locally contaminated ground water.

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