A Metal Velociraptor That Once Was Lost Has Now Been Found

A jogger found the stolen dinosaur in an alley early Tuesday morning.

1. A metal Velociraptor statue in front of a home in Salt Lake City went missing this weekend.

2. The statue, known affectionately as “Rapty,” was a landmark in the neighborhood. It was stolen while the family was out of town.

3. Owner Janelle Smith said she purchased the statue in California a decade ago.

4. Neighbors and local news mobilized to find Rapty. It has been stolen once before when a group of college students stole it and returned it a year later.


5. Make no mistake, neighbors were upset.

6. A jogger found Rapty dumped in an alley near the home around 6 a.m. Tuesday, the owner’s brother told BuzzFeed.

7. And the family is stoked to get their statue back.

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