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275 High School Students Who Could Lose AP Credit Because Someone Used Their Cell Phone

When they say to not take your phone out during the test, they're serious.

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A student at a Maryland high school posted a video taken during an Advanced Placement psychology test on Twitter Monday, potentially invalidating the results of all 275 students who took the test, according to the Washington Post.

AP test rules do not let students have cell phones in the testing area, and the College Board, the group that administers AP tests, says it could, "decline . . . or cancel the scores of one or more students when it determines that such actions are required to protect the integrity of the exam."

The College Board is currently reviewing the case, but indicated the video did not "compromise" the test.

"We don't know [how] the College Board will consider this," Quince Orchard High School principal Carole A. Working told the Washington Post. "Potentially as nothing, and that would be a very good outcome."

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