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Ukraine's Ousted President Just Went On TV To Defend His Ostriches

That is not a metaphor.

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As you many recall, Viktor Yanukovych fled Ukraine — and his position as president — last year, amid protests against his government's corruption and desire for stronger ties to Russia over Europe.

After he left, the vast five-acre estate he left behind was laid bare to the Ukrainian public, which was shocked by what it found.

This is a floating dining room in the shape of a pirate ship because sure why not.


On Monday night, Yanukovych appeared on the BBC's Newsnight to defend his record, especially regarding the vast amount of documents he left behind detailing what he spent on renovating and maintaining the presidential estate.

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Brilliant. Here's the full interview, conducted on the outskirts of Moscow, in which Yanukovych claims that he never gave the order to fire on unarmed protestors during last year's demonstrations.

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