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This CGI Video Kinda Shows China Attacking A U.S. Military Base In Japan

The short movie, made to commemorate China's involvement in World War II, definitely seems to show U.S. vehicles under attack.

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China's been gearing up for this moment for awhile. As one of the main members of the Allies, Beijing is eager to celebrate the triumph over Japan in the Pacific.

Other members of the Allies are having celebrations as well — including Russia going all out to remind everyone of the Soviet Union's role in the victory — but China's preparations have been putting some of its neighbors on edge. While Russian President Vladimir Putin will attend China's military parade, of the other main Allies, only France is sending its foreign minister; the U.S. and United Kingdom are sending relatively minor officials.


"A combative country will perish; the world is peaceful, but it’s dangerous to forget about the potential of wars," the video declares after the base has been taken over. "We love peace, but we have to be prepared to face possible wars in the future."

Beimeng Fu contributed to the reporting of this story.


The fighter jet destroyed in the above clip is an F-22 Raptor. An earlier version of this article misidentified it as an F-35.

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