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There Is Now A Putin-Themed Apple Watch Because Of Course

Now you can show your love of Mother Russia without strapping a Fabergé egg to your wrist.

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Russian jewelry brand Caviar has come up with the best fusion of modern technology and unnecessary czarist-era opulence known to humankind. In a new limited edition series of watches, they pay tribute to none other than Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Or maybe Putin's authoritarian streak isn't up your alley. Maybe some out-and-out Communism is more your thing. Well, you're in luck, because Caviar also makes a Soviet Union model.

Caviar, in its description of the watch, describes the time of the Soviet Union as "the greatest period in the history of Russia," which had "tremendous achievements and victories" and "struck the whole world."

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Yes, that's Lenin's tomb on the watch. Because who doesn't want a tomb on their watch? Nobody, that's who.

And for the truly nostalgic, the last watch in the collection features the symbols of Imperial Russia under Peter the Great.


You can bet Peter would totally wear one of these as he fought against reigning superpower Sweden.

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