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Kansas Senate Candidate On Obama: "Some People Say He's A Kenyan, And I Don't Know"

Milton Wolf, the Kansan doctor who is currently running for U.S. Senate, said in a radio show in 2012 that the president, to whom he's a distant relative, may have been born in Kenya.

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Milton Wolf, the doctor and distant Obama relative challenging Sen. Pat Roberts, said in 2012 that he couldn't say "with any definition" where any of his relatives, including President Obama, were born.

Wolf was interviewed on a radio program called BigFurHat's 99 Second Radio Show.

RADIO HOST: What has always been the family belief as to where he is born?

WOLF: I have to tell you, I don't know with any definition where any of my cousins were born. I have to say, some people say he's a Kenyan, and I don't know. What really matters is he's a Keynesian — he is one who believes the government can take all of your money and spend it more wisely than you can, and that's my biggest problem with him.

Here's the full interview with Wolf:

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