Israel Carries Out Air Strikes In Gaza In Response To New Rocket Fire

Ceasefire negotiations between Israeli and Palestinian officials in Cairo have collapsed after a temporary truce was broken.

1. Israeli and Palestinian officials are saying that ceasefire talks in Cairo have collapsed after the Israeli military resumed its offensive on Gaza in response to Hamas rocket fire on Tuesday.

Ibraheem Abu Mustafa / Reuters

Palestinians sit on top of destroyed buildings in Khan Younis, Gaza yesterday.

2. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the military to respond to rockets fired by Hamas.

4. The airstrikes came after three rockets were fired into Israel, apparently in violation of a temporary ceasefire which was just hours away from ending, according to AP.

The rockets landed in open land, and caused no injuries. There was no immediate word on casualties from the Israeli air strikes.

Israel says rockets were launched from Gaza just as Egyptian mediators - who are holding separate talks with negotiators from Israel and Palestine, struggled to reach a deal over a long-term end to hostilities in the Palestinian enclave, Reuters reports.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s spokesperson, Mark Regev, said: “This rocket attack was a grave and direct violation of the ceasefire”.

5. The IDF said the rockets landed near the areas of Be’er Sheva and Netivot.

6. Israel’s Foreign Ministry announced that it had ordered its negotiation team to immediately return from Cairo, where cease-fire talks have been ongoing.

AP Photo/Nasser Ishtayeh

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators have repeatedly asked for 24-hour extensions to the ceasefire as they try to reach a deal to end the month-long war between Israel and Hamas. Both sides, however, have dug in their heels over their demands and declared the other side’s position unacceptable.

Hamas is looking to end the seven-year blockade on the Gaza Strip, which is currently upheld by Israel and Egypt. Israel wants to demilitarize the Gaza Strip. Egyptians mediators had proposed a compromise which would see a partial end to the blockade, and the appointment of western-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas into a position where he would oversee border crossings and be held responsible for weapons smuggling into the Gaza Strip.

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