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Charlie Hebdo Marks One Year Since Attack With Another Provocative Cover

“One year on: The assassin is still at large.”

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The cover depicts an angry god with a gun strapped to his back, blood-splattered clothes, and the caption: "One year on: The assassin is still at large."

The issue — out on Jan. 6 — features posthumously published work by the five cartoonists killed in the attack, Le Monde reported.

It also features an editorial by current editor Laurent Sourisseau — who was seriously wounded in the attacks — defending secularism and praising the magazine for "daring to laugh at the religious."

According to Le Monde, Sourisseau said:

"In 2006, when 'Charlie' published the Muhammad cartoons, no one seriously thought that one day all this would end in violence. ... We saw France as a secular island where we could mess around, draw and laugh, without worrying about dogmas ...

A month before Jan. 7 ... the stories of those caricatures — all that — it was the past.

A believer, especially a fanatic, never forgets the affront to his faith, because it is behind and ahead of him forever. … It is eternity that fell on us this Wednesday, Jan. 7. These two masked idiots will not screw up the work of our lives."

The magazine, which had published several images of the prophet Muhammad — an act seen by many Muslims as an affront to their religion — had its offices firebombed by extremists in 2011 following its controversial "Sharia Hebdo" issue.

The magazine then printed an image of the prophet on its first cover after the attacks last year, holding a sign saying "Je suis Charlie" ("I am Charlie) — a phrase that was used to express solidarity with the publication and the dead — with the caption "Tu es pardonne" ("All is forgiven").

One million copies of this week's commemorative issue of Charlie Hebdo will be printed and thousands of copies sold outside France, Le Monde said.

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