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Apparently People Instagramming Their Sims Is A Thing Now

Have tweens finally gone too far? There's an emerging subculture where people not only roleplay using Sims 3 University, but also Instagram their-Sim-selves doing it.

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Via Instagram: @live2sims3

These days, we really have it all: computers in our pockets, rechargeable cars, and people who roleplay themselves as Sims on Instagram. Although the size of the community is unclear, it's at least large enough that they refer to themselves as "plumbobs" (the ubiquitous green diamond that hovers over your selected Sim in the game), some claim they are "not a human, I'm a Sim", while others identify themselves by family.


Each account has a variety of characters in a variety of settings. Because the most recent expansion to the game was Sims 3 University, the majority of them are in college and mostly deal with typical college experiences. They experiment with new styles, go to parties, and hookup.


Also, apparently Cecelia is two-timing Jamie with some dude she has a kid with.

Some of these Sims have pretty weak moral fiber, but is that a reflection of the humans behind the accounts? Do they wish for their own lives to reflect the drama and suspense of their Sims?

It's easy to categorize the people behind these account as crazies—and sure, this subculture is out there, both literally and figuratively—but think about it. Who HASN'T made Sims that in one way or another reflect our own lives or ideal versions of ourselves? Sure, we might eventually trap them in a 1x1 square and then light them on fire, but that's just human nature. We're all a bit crazy. It's just that most of us haven't chosen to Instagram our Sims. Yet.

(Thanks to Christine Friar who spent her night unearthing this plumbob in the rough.)

Just trying to make a goddamn living.

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