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Rejected Video Game Ideas

Woot! has a top 10 list of video game ideas that keep getting rejected. Help me come up with more of these, and I will be your best friend forever. I'll be busy working on some cover art for these.

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  1. John Madden Strip Poker Featuring Louie Anderson
  2. Lawncare Rampage
  3. Don't Let Go Of The Start Button Ever
  4. Fatwa!
  5. Cory Doctorow Blogging Simulator for XBox and PS3
  6. City Of Complex, Flawed Adults Doing Their Best
  7. Major League Lacrosse 2010
  8. Rickey Mouse's Public Domain Theme Park Adventure
  9. Doc Kevorkian's Euthanasia Challenge
  10. Yars' Revenge XXX: Mating Season

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