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A Man Somehow Evaded Security On Capitol Hill And Threw Russian Flags At Trump

"Trump is treason!"

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As President Trump arrived at Capitol Hill on Tuesday for a luncheon with Senate Republicans, a protester threw Russian flags at him and accused him of treason.

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"Trump is treason! Trump is treason!" the man could be heard chanting after throwing the flags.

Protester tosses Russian flags at Pres. Trump at Capitol, yelling "Trump is treason!"


Clayton and another man also handed out Russian flags with “Trump” emblazoned on them ahead of the president’s speech at an annual conservative conference earlier this year. Some attendees didn’t initially recognize the Russian flag and waved them in the crowd, before organizers caught on, confiscated the flags, and removed Clayton from the event.

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Sen. Mitch McConnell, who was with Trump when the flags were thrown, later said the pair did not discuss the incident.

"You guys were hollering so loud that I didn't even notice," he told reporters.

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