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People Are Challenging The Male-Dominated Film Industry With The Hashtag #FilmHerStory

In 2014, only 30% of the speaking roles in films were women. The people of the internet are asking Hollywood to #FilmHerStory.

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During the 2015 Academy Awards, a nationwide discussion of the show's lack of diversity spread on Twitter under the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite.

#OscarsSoWhite the only time a Black person is nominated, let alone wins, is if they're in a role as a slave or the help.

But with the beginning of Women's History Month, the Twittersphere has pinpointed a different problem: The lack of movies about real women.

“@ShaulaEvans: THIS is what a protagonist looks like #FilmHerStory ” YES!!!


Thousands of people have taken to social media to highlight the many women with filmworthy stories using the hashtag #FilmHerStory.

#FilmHerStory Victoria Claflin Woodhull, 1st woman to est. a brokerage firm on Wall St & first woman to run for Pres.

After all, since the Oscars began in 1928, only 16% of the nominees have been women, the Oscar Database Silk reports.

Yes. Definitely! RT @sleepygeeky: #FilmHerStory The Saudi #women of the #Women2Drive Campaign.


And of the just four women to have been nominated for Best Director, only one has won.

@H2theG: #FilmHerStory AUGUSTA SAVAGE, Sculpture, artist, educator who fought for equal rights for AA's in the arts.

Marsha P. Johnson. Trans activist. AIDS activist. #FilmHerStory #BlackTransLivesMatter


#VitaSackvilleWest bisexual aristocrat, landscape architect, Bloomsbury Group poet, public scandal #FilmHerStory

This year, every film nominated for Best Picture was about a man.

Sarla Thakral, #India's 1st Female #Pilot, age 21, 1936. Solo Gypsy Moth flier. #Artist #Inspirational #FilmHerStory


Steve Jobs and Edward Snowden both had two movies made about them this year.

#FilmHerStory 'The Sea Queen' Legendary Irish pirate, businesswoman & resistance fighter Grace O'Malley

Yet Harriet Tubman has only ever appeared cinematically in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

The only film to bring #HarrietTubman to the big screen was #AbrahamLincolnVampireHunter. #FilmHerStory!


Of the top 100 grossing films in 2014, women represented 30% of all speaking characters, says the CSWTF.

@H2theG Annie J. Easley - Af. Amer. NASA Computer & rocket scientist in 1960's #FilmHerStory

29% of those were major characters, 12% were protagonists, and 13% were leaders (executives, politicians, doctors etc).

#FilmHerStory | ELSPETH BEARD, British architect who jumped on her @bmw bike at 24 y/o and rode around the WORLD!


Of the female characters appearing in films, the racial breakdown was as follows: 74% white, 11% black, 4% Latino, 4% Asian, 4% other, and this being the movie industry, 3% otherworldly, according to the report.

I'd LOVE a film about Dorothy Toy aka the "Chinese Ginger Rogers" #FilmHerStory

View this video on YouTube

Someone the world needs to know....Sojourner Truth #FilmHerStory


And no Oscar-acknowledged trans characters have ever been played by a transgender actress.

Georgina Beyer, worlds 1st openly transsexual mayor&M.P #FilmHerStory

Twitter has pitched thousands of film ideas, now its time for Hollywood to start writing.

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