American Soldier Stands Up For Muslim Man Against Anti-Islamic Bigot

ABC’s “What Would You Do” captured the powerful moment when a soldier defends a Middle-Eastern man from a ranting Islamaphobe.

1. ABC’s hidden-camera series “What Would You Do” filmed random people’s reactions to an anti-Muslim bigot (an actor) ranting at a Middle-Eastern shop owner (also an actor). At 4:45, a uniformed soldier shuts the Islamaphobe down.

2. “Don’t deal with this guy,” the actor playing the racist customer tells the soldier. “He’s a Muslim.”

3. “We live in America. He can have any religion he wants,” the soldier replies.

4. “Aren’t you fighting against these guys?”

5. “Not at the moment. Right now I’m ordering a sandwich.”

6. “I don’t think he should be working here.”

7. “Buy your chips and move out.”

8. “Look, I’d like to order some food, just not from you, okay?”

9. “Get out. Put the chips down and go buy them somewhere else.”

10. “You want me to leave this place?”

11. “You have a choice to shop anywhere just like he has a choice to practice his religion anywhere. That’s the reason I wear the uniform — so anyone can live free in this country. Leave the man alone. Buy your stuff. And leave.”

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