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So, Uh, The President Of Israel Is Playing Pokémon Go?

Apparently you can catch yourself a Meowth inside the presidential residence in Jerusalem.

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If the room looks familiar, it's because it's the official room where the Israeli presidents meet with world leaders and take official photos.

Gali Tibbon / AFP / Getty Images

Here's President Rivlin meeting with U.S. Senator John McCain in January 2015. As you can see, it was Pokémon-free at the time.

Not everyone is impressed though, as the top commenter on the post made clear.

Facebook: Reuven Rivlin / Via Facebook: ReuvenRivlin

It's unclear if something better than a CP 10 Meowth would have drawn more praise.

In any case, memo to world leaders: if you're somehow still looking for Meowth, make sure to head to Israel. The residence seems to be crawling with them.

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