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Justin Bieber's Selfie App, Shots, Now Offers 10-Second Video

It's part of a move beyond static content.

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Starting today, Shots is supporting 10-second videos.

The famously simple selfie app — perhaps best known for its relationship with Justin Bieber — actually first experimented with a video feature back in April. But it capped videos at three seconds, half the time of a Vine. with the idea of allowing users to create something that founder John Shahidi envisioned as almost like a gif, but less complicated to produce. "Within 30 days, 21 percent of our content was video," he told BuzzFeed News. "But the number-one complaint was that three seconds were too short." So today, Shots is increasing the time limit on videos to 10 seconds, a move that Shahidi says speaks both to that feedback and to the app's larger mission.

"Shots is supposed to be about memories," he said. "When something happens and your brain is triggered and says 'this is awesome, you gotta remember this,' we want you to think of Shots. And that shouldn't be restricted to just a photo."

"A lot of the press focuses on the Bieber thing," Shahidi continued. But "we don't want to be one of those overnight things. That's our long-term vision — to slowly add things not overwhelm users, to make a product that's sweet and simple."

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