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Another Round, Episode 44: Mommy's Side Piece

On this week's episode, Gene and Linda from Bob's Burgers (aka Eugene Mirman and John Roberts) grace us with a song. Plus: a short recap of the Oscars, Stacy's Career Corner tackles internships, and Tracy's plant is trying to kill her.

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This week, we're joined in the stude by John Roberts and Eugene Mirman, two of our favorite people from our favorite show, Bob's Burgers! Listen below!

John Roberts plays Linda Belcher, the constantly singing occasionally drunk, unwaveringly supportive mother of the three bouncing kids above, and Eugene Mirman plays Eugene, the ambitious baby feminist in the middle.

Bob's Burgers is a HUGE part of our self-care routines, and it's a thrill to be able to share our faves with you!

We're super excited to share an ~exclusive~ clip of the upcoming Bob's Burgers episode, "Sacred Couch."

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