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MSNBC's News Ticker Was Filled With Random Hilarious Gibberish This Morning

"Poor riddleschool wow."

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This morning's Way Too early featured some amusing technical difficulties when MSNBC's news ticker started transmitting bizarre phrases in the midst of its "All Up In Your Business" market preview segment:

“Salutations, commendable gentlemen, how are you on this elegant evening? Are you.”

“I am cognizant of the information about your extreme tendency to receive persona.”

"Salubrious nature of sophisticated commentary, as demonstrated in this public in."

“Gentlemen I enjoy vocalizing sequipedalian loquatiousness, poor riddleschool wow.”

Mediaite's Andrew Kirell points out that MSNBC has blamed the phrases on a "template error" in the network's graphics department.

"Now before you go ahead and assume someone's gone mad over at MSNBC, the network confirmed it was just a template error in the graphics department.

Anyone familiar with TV news production should instantly recognize that. Think of those nonsensical phrases as serving a similarly useful purpose as the pangram 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog' does for fonts, showcasing the character limits of the template."

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