Fox News Anchor On Nude Photo Hack: “Isn’t It Kind Of Buyer Beware?”

“You say don’t blame the victim, but legally, what kind of recourse do they have?”

During a Fox News segment addressing online security in the wake of the recent celebrity nude photo hacking scandal, anchor Martha MacCallum seemed more upset with the celebrities who uploaded nude photos to a private online space than with the criminals who stole and posted the pictures online.

MACCALLUM: Don’t put naked pictures of yourself on internet, people. So. Dumb. You say don’t blame the victim, but legally, what kind of recourse do they have? You put it out there. Isn’t it kind of, buyer beware so to speak?

MacCallum’s security experts, John Lucich and Dan Shore, would not be swayed.

SHORE: I was sex crimes prosecutor, a lot of people make error in judgment are victim after sex crime. Doesn’t mean it is their fault. Maybe they take more careful steps not to take photos or secure them better, but they are victims of a serious crime.

Faced with pushback, MacCallum ended the segment with a family-friendly note.

MACCALLUM: Yeah, but no doubt, you would both tell your kids don’t ever take a picture like this of yourself?

Watch the full Fox News clip below.

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