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9 Insidious Ways Technology Replaced Our Parents

Growing up is for other generations.

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Adulting: Social media captures memories and logs them away for later perusal.

Never worry about losing two years of photos again due to an unforeseen watery grave for your phone with these If This, Then That recipes.

Technically Done Growing: Your wristband reminds you to eat more fiber, less fat.

Still in production, AIRO is the latest addition to the fitness tracker craze. On top of monitoring things like heart rate and steps taken, it allegedly will also track your caloric intake.

Arrested Development: Laundry is magical. It goes into the hallway dirty and comes back clean and folded.

A new app by a company called FlyCleaners will pick up and drop off your laundry on demand, seven days a week. It's like Seamless but for clothes.

Legally An Adult: The computer nags you to get off the computer and do something with your life.

An extension that is — sadly — only on Firefox, You Should Probably isn't angry you're wasting your time, just disappointed.

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