Stop Everything: You Can Play “Pac-Man” In Google Maps Right Now

There goes your productivity for today.

Just in time for April Fools’ Day, Google has rolled out a cool new feature on Google Maps that allows you to play the classic arcade game Pac-Man using ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD as your maze.


Just open up Google Maps and click the Pac-Man icon next to the “Earth View” option.

Google/BuzzFeed News

You can take Pac-Man to Times Square…

Fuse / Getty Images

And let him take in all the neon lights.

Why not jet over to the Eiffel Tower in Paris?

Niserin / Getty Images

So that Pac-Man can enjoy some baguettes with his pac-dots.


Get Pac-Man knighted in London.

Purestock / Getty Images

And take Sir Pac-Man on a tour of Piccadilly Circus.

Take a stroll around the gardens next to the Sydney Opera House.

Christophe Robert Hervouët / Via Flickr: lagrandeterre

And avoid the dangerous Australian wildlife in addition to the ghosts.

What are you waiting for? Proscrastination starts here. WAKA WAKA!

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