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People Love This Photo Of Doug Jones' Gay Son Looking On As Mike Pence Swears His Dad In


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Carson, a Denver zookeeper, has attracted a bit of attention in LGBT media circles since people discovered he was gay.

Instagram: @thedapperzookeeper

The 22-year-old told Into he's been confused by the attention.

Instagram: @thedapperzookeeper

He revealed that it had taken him a few years to feel comfortable coming out to his family, but received a warm response when he chose to do so in 2015.

Since moving to Denver, he said he's made more gay friends and feels at home in the LGBT community.

He added that he was proud of his dad for running a "campaign that focused on inclusion" that was "for people of all colors, all faiths, and all orientations."

According to his Instagram account, Carson even wore a pride pin on Wednesday that wasn't visible in the photos.

Yasssss Carson Jones was wearing the boutonnière we gave him for his dad’s swearing in ♥️🏳️‍🌈 Check it out at…


One photo in particular got a lot of attention after Carson posted it to his account, writing #nocaptionneeded.

Instagram: @thedapperzookeeper

A ton of people thought it looked like Carson was serving Pence some serious side-eye...

Screaming @ Doug Jones' gay son giving Miss Pence the side eye.

Or just glaring at him...

Doug Jones openly gay son Carson glaring at openly homophobic VP Mike Pence is ALLLLLLLLLL of us. #SHADE

Or just quietly disintegrating his soul.

Photo of the decade: Doug Jones being sworn in, while his openly gay son QUIETLY DISINTEGRATES THE SOUL OF MIKE PEN…


Still, many people were just enjoying the photo of an openly gay man standing next to his accepting parents...and the vice president.

If you could take one photo that represents the concept of justice, this photo of Doug Jones being sworn into offic…

The irony of Mike Pence, who supports conversion therapy for LGBT youth swearing in Doug Jones who's son is openly…

@DerekMilman This is so delicious. The rays of 🌈 shooting at Pence from father and son just make me warm and fuzzy.

The eyes have it.

Reining Gay Icon is Carson Jones's side eye.

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